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PROPERTY 102 Introduction to Property (15 Points)

Knowledge of how property markets work and how properties are valued, managed and financed is critical for property professionals and for understanding modern life. Key terms and definitions surrounding the property profession and introductory analyses of supply and demand characteristics unique to property markets will be key learning outcomes. Students will also learn key concepts surrounding residential property valuation and construction.
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PROPERTY 151 Property Market Dynamics (15 Points)

The dynamics of property markets (housing, retail, office, industrial) help shape our daily lives and can have profound impacts for wealth creation. Property Market Dynamics is designed to introduce students to key economic and property concepts that help understand urban development. National and international property trends, property development and investment processes, tenure and property rights, and mortgage issues are examined.
Restriction: PROPERTY 102

PROPERTY 211 Property Valuation (15 Points)

As every property is unique, the valuation of property presents many challenges and has a strong influence on the financial viability of both existing buildings and the development process. General models for valuing commercial property, industrial property, and land will be introduced.
Prerequisite: PROPERTY 102 or ACCTG 101 Corequisite: PROPERTY 251
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PROPERTY 221 Property Marketing (15 Points)

Effective marketing is at the core of successful property management, development and investment. Covers buyer behaviour, marketing research, segmentation and targeting, the marketing plan, the listing process and selling techniques all in the context of the property industry. Develops essential skills for independent thinking, strategic problem solving, effective teamwork and business report writing.
Prerequisite: PROPERTY 102 or BUSINESS 102
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PROPERTY 231 Property Management (15 Points)

Achieving optimum performance from property assets is a multi-faceted process involving leases, financial structures, marketing, and occupier demand. Budgeting, operational expenditures, and capital expenditures will be introduced within the property context. An understanding of health and safety issues as well as leases will be provided.
Prerequisite: PROPERTY 102 or BUSINESS 102
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