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OPSMGT 255 Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management (15 Points)

An introduction to important decision areas in operations and supply chain management. Modelling and analytical skills will be developed and supporting techniques/tools will be introduced using spreadsheets. Common qualitative and quantitative aspects of supply chain management will be discussed.
Prerequisite: INFOSYS 110 or 120 and STATS 108 or 101 or 191
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OPSMGT 258 Business Process Design (15 Points)

Introduces the elements of business process management through mapping and design. Emphasis is on how organisations identify, design and improve essential business processes. Includes the use of software tools to model and analyse processes for continuous performance improvements.
Prerequisite: INFOSYS 110 or 120 and STATS 108 or 101 or 191
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OPSMGT 357 Project Management (15 Points)

An introduction to the management of projects in organisations, with a particular emphasis placed on the interdisciplinary nature and broad application of projects. Topics covered include people management, organisational planning, and resource issues.
Prerequisite: INFOSYS 110 or 120 or INFOMGMT 192 and 30 points at Stage II
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OPSMGT 370 Operations and Supply Chain Strategy (15 Points)

Investigates and explores complex and dynamic issues associated with the design and execution of operations and processes. Promotes an applied, integrated, and systemic approach towards operations across supply chains.
Prerequisite: OPSMGT 255 or ENGGEN 303
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OPSMGT 371 Business Logistics (15 Points)

Focuses on coordinating logistics across supply chains. Topic coverage features modelling using spreadsheets and includes transportation, forecasting, and inventory control models suitable for use in a distribution and supply chain context.
Prerequisite: OPSMGT 255 or STATS 255 or ENGSCI 255
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