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NEWVENT 716 Business Development Project (15 Points)

Supervised field project on a high-potential-growth organisation.
Prerequisite: NEWVENT 710 and 711 Restriction: NEWVENT 713

NEWVENT 717 Special Topic (15 Points)

A description is not available for this course.
Prerequisite: NEWVENT 710 Restriction: NEWVENT 714, 715

NEWVENT 718 Entrepreneurial Thought in Action (15 Points)

Entrepreneurial perspectives on opportunity, risk, and growth" entrepreneurial business development and entrepreneurial action. The context for business development.
Prerequisite: 60 points from BUSADMIN 761-764, 771-774, 775 Restriction: NEWVENT 601, 701

NEWVENT 719 Growth Strategies (15 Points)

New Zealand's challenges to business growth. Business models and mechanisms for growth. Systems for growth – financing, information, control, production. Legal and organisational dimensions of growth.
Prerequisite: 75 points from BUSADMIN 761-764, 771-774, 775, NEWVENT 718 Restriction: NEWVENT 601, 711

NEWVENT 720 Leading Growth (15 Points)

Life cycle of business development. Entrepreneurs, managers and leaders in the growing firm. Building the organisation. Speed, control and organisational change. Leadership, trust and teamwork.
Prerequisite: 75 points from BUSADMIN 761-764, 771-774, 775, NEWVENT 719 Restriction: NEWVENT 712

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