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MKTG 151G Essential Marketing (15 Points)

Marketing is an integral part of our modern world. Essential Marketing is designed for non-business students and provides an inside view to the world of marketing. We explore basic marketing principles and examine contemporary issues relevant to our changing world. Its emphasis is based on creating customer value and satisfaction through the understanding of these principles and practices.
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MKTG 201 Marketing Management (15 Points)

Introduction to the fundamentals of marketing management. Basic marketing concepts and elements of marketing practice are applied to marketing activities within New Zealand and the global economy.
Prerequisite: ECON 191 or 101, and MGMT 101 or BUSINESS 102 or 192, and STATS 108 or 191 Restriction: MKTG 291
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MKTG 202 Marketing Research (15 Points)

The fundamental concepts and stages of marketing research provided within an overall structural framework, including: how to integrate stages, carry out research in a scientific manner, read and analyse research reports, apply research skills.
Prerequisite: MKTG 201 or MKTG 291 Restriction: MKTG 292
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MKTG 301 Marketing Strategy (15 Points)

Focuses on development, implementation, and control of marketing strategies needed to attain and sustain an organisation's competitive advantage. Techniques that assist in developing and evaluating the effectiveness of marketing strategies are introduced and contemporary issues in marketing practice are discussed. Instructional methods include: the use of case studies and the development of a marketing plan.
Prerequisite: MKTG 201 or 291 and MKTG 202 or 292 Restriction: MKTG 391
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MKTG 302 Advanced Marketing Research (15 Points)

Focuses on the more technical components of marketing research. Covers advanced methods used in the statistical analysis of marketing research data including many multivariate methods. Students gain practical experience with the entire marketing research process through an applied project.
Prerequisite: MKTG 201 or 291, and MKTG 202 or 292
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