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MGMT 101 Organisation and Management (15 Points)

Organisations and their management play a fundamental role in contemporary society. Topics include the functions of management, employment relations, business and society, organisational theory and behaviour, and entrepreneurship. Develops essential skills for academic study, carrying out research and utilising University research tools, developing analytical thinking, and academic essay writing.
Restriction: MGMT 192, BUSINESS 101, 102, 192

MGMT 211 Understanding Organisations (15 Points)

Explores organisations, different types and forms, and the issues that they need to consider. Questions the role and purpose of organisations within broader social systems. Begins to develop critical approaches and skills in organisational analysis.
Prerequisite: BUSINESS 102 or MGMT 101 or 30 points in Anthropology or Sociology
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MGMT 223 Understanding Work and People (15 Points)

Models of work organisation, reform and performance, including industrial and post-industrial forms of work. Employee responses to work and the employment relationship. Workforce diversity.
Prerequisite: BUSINESS 102 or MGMT 101 or 30 points in Anthropology or Sociology
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MGMT 300 Management in Dynamic Contexts (15 Points)

Explore and reflect on the realities of management theory and practice through critically examining management challenges, from small entrepreneurial firms to large corporations.
Prerequisite: BUSINESS 200 or MGMT 202 or MGMT 211 or ENGGEN 302 or ENGGEN 303 or SCIGEN 201 Restriction: MGMT 301
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MGMT 304 Managing People (15 Points)

The impact of employment relationships on organisational performance and employee well-being. Principles of staffing, employee development, performance management, reward, diversity management, and employment negotiation.
Prerequisite: MGMT 211 or 223
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