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MARKET 701 Marketing Strategy (20 Points)

Explores development of competitive advantage. Builds understanding of issues affecting the creation and delivery of superior customer value. Examines linkages between strategic thinking, business operations and value creation. Considers the role of marketing in organisations, and the relationship of marketing to other disciplines. Procedures for analysing internal competencies and developing high-value strategies are studied.
Prerequisite: MARKET 713
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MARKET 702 Understanding Customers and Markets (20 Points)

Develops an appreciation and understanding of consumer and buyer behaviour and market research, and their implications for management decision-making.
Prerequisite: MARKET 701
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MARKET 703 Marketing Communications (20 Points)

Develops an appreciation and understanding of the individual elements of the marketing communications mix: advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion and public relations. Further, how these may be managed as an integrated programme to implement and support the brand, product or service strategy.
Prerequisite: MARKET 702
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MARKET 705 Special Topic (20 Points)

A description is not available for this course.
Prerequisite: MARKET 713
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MARKET 708 Advanced Marketing Strategy (10 Points)

An intensive capstone module using leading-edge concepts and practices to expand on previous course material and to synthesise learnings. Use of a web-based business simulation provides experience in strategic decision making and in managing operating consequences for the organisation.
Prerequisite: MARKET 713
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