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MAORIDEV 720 Maori Society: Te Ao Maori: Te Takinga mai me Te Tai Ao (15 Points)

A survey of Māori economic activity and resources by examining the interaction of culture, society and commerce. Considers the relevant regulatory environment as it pertains to Māori resource use and commercial development, the relevant findings and implications of the Waitangi Tribunal negotiations, Te Ture Whenua and the Māori Land Court.
Restriction: MAORIDEV 701
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MAORIDEV 721 Maori Business Development: Te Whakapakari Huanga Maori (15 Points)

The principles of marketing and assessment and the evaluation of business opportunities. Participants examine an analysis of successful national and international collective-entrepreneurship models to develop a business checklist and present a case for finance. The focus of this course is the integration of concepts developed across all disciplines covered in the course. Students examine specific case scenarios relating to Maori development.
Restriction: MAORIDEV 704
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MAORIDEV 722 Legal Studies: Tikanga Ture mo nga Huanga Maori (15 Points)

The general ideas, policies and practice of commercial law, the legal environment of business, contract law, legal aspects of company-directing, partnerships, trust law, company floats, takeovers and legislation governing private and corporate business practice in New Zealand. Cases and study will emphasise aspects of these in relation to their impact with and for Maori business with additional emphasis placed on the Treaty of Waitangi.
Restriction: MAORIDEV 711
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MAORIDEV 731 Governance and Management: Te Whakamana Ropu Maori (15 Points)

Analysis of the nature of Maori enterprise and Maori governance and management systems in relation to both traditional and modern governance and management theory and frameworks.
Restriction: BUSADMIN 761, MAORIDEV 712
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MAORIDEV 732 Marketing: Whakatairanga Huanga Maori (15 Points)

Customer value and value-creation in markets and the implications for marketing, marketing decision-making with a focus on Maori enterprise.
Restriction: BUSADMIN 762
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