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INTBUS 151G Business across Borders (15 Points)

Business on a global scale presents unique challenges and unrivalled opportunities to companies equipped to cross national boundaries. Set against a background of current events, Business across Borders explores the influence of international trade and multinational corporations on the contemporary global economy.
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INTBUS 201 Foundations of International Business (15 Points)

Explores the distinctive nature of business conducted beyond the boundary of the domestic market. Examines how firms reach multinational scale while exposed to the turbulence and complexity of international political and economic forces.
Prerequisite: BUSINESS 102 or MGMT 101, and ECON 101 and 111, or 191 Restriction: INTBUS 210, 211
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INTBUS 202 Foundations of Strategy (15 Points)

Examines how firms compete. Focuses on the frameworks and tools needed to make sense of the competitive landscape in order to formulate and implement strategies. Considers the challenges and constraints that managers face in increasingly complex environments and industries.
Prerequisite: BUSINESS 102 or MGMT 101
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INTBUS 300 Firms across Frontiers (15 Points)

Examines international business theories underlying the existence and development of international firms. Analysis of contemporary international business issues.
Prerequisite: INTBUS 201, 202 Restriction: INTBUS 301, 302
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INTBUS 305 Governing International Business (15 Points)

Firms that compete internationally need to employ political strategies and understand the governing institutions that affect their ability to do business. Examines the interactions between international firms and governing institutions, and explores the implications of the international regulatory framework for specific industries.
Prerequisite: BUSINESS 200 or INTBUS 201 or 210 or 211 Restriction: INTBUS 304
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