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INFOSYS 110 Business Systems (15 Points)

Explores how information systems and operations management help organisations to innovate, optimise and deliver value. Examines how the interaction of business, systems, and technologies bring about organisational transformation. Develops the ability to conduct a business analysis of an organisation's vision, industry, strategy, value chain, processes, and systems.
Restriction: INFOMGMT 191, INFOSYS 120
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INFOSYS 220 Business Systems Analysis (15 Points)

An Information Technology (IT) professional must understand how IT systems are constructed and tested and how quality is assessed, in order to manage, develop or provide innovative business solutions. Business Systems Analysis introduces systems development process concepts and activities, with a strong focus on understanding the problem and solution through modelling.
Prerequisite: INFOSYS 110 or 120 or INFOMGMT 192 or COMPSCI 105 or 107 Restriction: INFOMGMT 291
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INFOSYS 222 Database Systems (15 Points)

Managers and other knowledge workers find that many of their duties revolve around accessing, organising, and presenting organisational and external information. The ability to develop and use computer databases is becoming a critical skill that is required in many disciplines. These skills are developed through an introduction to data modelling, relational theory, database design, and the management of databases.
Prerequisite: INFOSYS 110 or 120 or COMPSCI 105 or 107 Restriction: INFOMGMT 292
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INFOSYS 280 Business Systems Construction (15 Points)

Design and Code are the DNA of Innovation. As the world becomes more and more digital, enterprises need to apply design thinking and exponential technologies through coding to drive innovation and sustainable transformation. Explores user-centred, prototype-driven design thinking principles and processes: empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test. Introduces fundamental building blocks of programming and applies them to develop innovative products, services and processes that change the world.
Prerequisite: INFOSYS 110 or 120 or COMPSCI 101 or 107
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INFOSYS 320 Information Systems Design (15 Points)

Information systems that are specifically designed for an organisation provide a considerable competitive advantage. This course addresses design at several levels: user experience, architecture and object-oriented software design. Students learn to manage the design process in a team environment, drawing on previous courses to take a system from analysis through design to a prototype implementation using the latest modelling and development environments.
Prerequisite: Either INFOMGMT 291 or INFOSYS 220 and either INFOMGMT 292 or INFOSYS 222 and either INFOSYS 280 or COMPSCI 280 or equivalent
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