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INFOMGMT 192 Information Tools for Business (15 Points)

The ability to manage and analyse information is essential in many aspects of business. This course provides a practical introduction to information tools used to analyse and visualise data. It introduces core programming, scripting and authoring skills that provide a foundation for the creation of information systems solutions across a range of clients including web and mobile platforms.
Prerequisite: INFOSYS 110 or INFOMGMT 191 Restriction: INFOSYS 120, COMPSCI 101, 105, 107
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INFOMGMT 290 Business Analytics (15 Points)

Topics include: an introduction to the science of fact based, data driven, decision making; exposure to different approaches, support tools, and analystical methods for decision making, particularly using spreadsheets; reinformcement of critical thinking skills and the ability to intelligently use information; and development and integration of modelling skills in a variety of decision making-oriented applications.
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INFOMGMT 291 Business Analysis and Applications (15 Points)

The rapid development of the internet has had an enormous impact on the ways that companies conduct their business. Covers the analysis and design requirements of web applications. Builds applied skills in developing web-based solutions to practical business problems.
Prerequisite: INFOSYS 110 or 120 or INFOMGMT 192 or COMPSCI 105 or 107 Restriction: INFOSYS 220
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INFOMGMT 292 Data Management (15 Points)

Businesses need to develop effective mechanisms for storing and retrieving information. Examines different ways of understanding, storing, and viewing business data using the latest information technology tools. Builds skills in problem analysis, data modelling, and database design.
Prerequisite: INFOSYS 110 or 120 or INFOMGMT 192 or COMPSCI 105 or 107 Restriction: INFOSYS 222
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INFOMGMT 296 Information Systems for Business (15 Points)

Integrates the study of Information Technology tightly within a business context. Focuses on the practical design and maintenance of information systems, including issues of information security, internal controls, data analysis and modelling.
Prerequisite: MKTG 201 or 291 or ACCTG 102 or 192 or MGMT 294, and INFOMGMT 192 Restriction: INFOMGMT 293, 294, 295, ACCTG 222
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