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HRMGMT 702 Employment Law and Relations (20 Points)

Employer and employee rights and responsibilities. Interests, ideologies and equity issues in employment relationships. The structure, strategies and behaviour of trade unions. The dynamics of collective bargaining and mediation including the nature of position-based and interest-based bargaining strategies.
Prerequisite: HRMGMT 707 or EDPROFST 738
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HRMGMT 704 Managing Change in Organisations (20 Points)

Conceptual, theoretical and practical perspectives on change management, examining the change agent role and issues associated with change management in the contemporary context. Individual, group and organisational strategies for change and the role of HRM in the effective management of change.
Prerequisite: HRMGMT 702 and 707, or BUSADMIN 761 and EDPROFST 738
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HRMGMT 705 Strategic Human Resource Management (20 Points)

The role of HR strategy in underpinning organisational viability and its potential to contribute to competitive advantage. The importance of contextual factors in shaping HR strategy. HR strategy, SMEs and entrepreneurial growth. Typologies of HR systems and their links to performance outcomes.
Prerequisite: HRMGMT 702, 707, 708
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HRMGMT 706 Personal and Professional Development (20 Points)

Professional competencies in HRM, including interpersonal skills, coaching and feedback skills, interviewing skills, negotiation skills, and career development skills.
Prerequisite: HRMGMT 707
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HRMGMT 707 Staffing and Employee Development (20 Points)

The 'make versus buy' decision in HRM. Studies of job analysis, recruitment, selection, socialisation, employee development and labour turnover. Management selection and development. Equal employment opportunity (EEO) issues.
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