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Examines why, when, and how firms compete internationally. Utilises concepts and research on the firm, cluster and/or industry in international competition, the role of its resources and capabilities, and its adaptation to diverse operating contexts. Includes analysis of internationalising small and medium sized enterprises, mini multinationals, and global enterprises.
This is an advanced course intended for students enrolled in the Master of Commerce, Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) or Postgraduate Diploma in Commerce degrees. Restriction: INTBUS 701
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GLMI 702 International Management (15 Points)

Focuses on management research and practice with a cross-border and cross-cultural dimension. Includes topics such as forms and management practices in cross-border business; international human resource management; managing knowledge flows across borders; and the cross-border differential impact of culture and institutions on firms.
Restriction: INTBUS 702
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GLMI 703 Global Strategy (15 points)

Examines the development and implementation of strategies by global firms. Focuses on strategy formation, strategic management processes, and evaluation in international, multinational and transnational organisations. Includes analysis of strategies such as foreign entry mode options, innovation and production networks.
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GLMI 704 Challenges of Globalisation (15 Points)

Discusses the causes of globalisation and its consequences for firms, and other groups and actors. Investigates challenges and diverse approaches to navigating the globalising arena. Examines a variety of markets and non-market governance structures that create incentives and opportunities for international firms.
Restriction: INTBUS 706
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GLMI 705 People, Performance and Well-being (15 Points)

Examines the employment relationship through tensions at the intersection of human resource management, organisational performance and employee well-being. Explores strategies associated with building, developing and motivating workforces and analyses ways of improving mutuality in employment relationships.
Restriction: MGMT 711, 712
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