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FINANCE 251 Financial Management (15 Points)

Focuses on practical aspects of corporate finance. Topics covered include: concepts of value creation, risk and required rates of return, financial maths, capital budgeting, capital structure and dividend policies.
Prerequisite: ACCTG 102 or 192
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FINANCE 261 Introduction to Investments (15 Points)

Markets for shares, fixed income securities, options and futures. Methods of valuing shares, fixed income securities, options, and futures. Simple techniques of hedging risk. Portfolio diversification. Portfolio evaluation.
Prerequisite: FINANCE 251 or 180 points in a BSc major in Mathematics or Statistics with a GPA of at least 5 and at least a B in MATHS 150 or 153
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FINANCE 310 Applied Financial Modelling (15 Points)

Develops technical skills in building models to solve problems in Finance. A series of case studies involving basic financial decisions are used to integrate financial modelling skills. Builds on material introduced in FINANCE 251/261 in an applied setting.
Prerequisite: FINANCE 251 and 261, or 251 and ACCTG 371 Restriction: FINANCE 383

FINANCE 351 Advanced Financial Management (15 Points)

A rigorous study of advanced capital budgeting procedures, more difficult aspects associated with capital structure and dividend decisions, mergers and acquisitions. Case study applications of financial management are used. A continuation of the material introduced in FINANCE 251.
Prerequisite: FINANCE 251
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FINANCE 361 Modern Investment Theory and Management (15 Points)

Portfolio theory and equilibrium asset pricing models and empirical tests. Portfolio management (forecasting, construction, administration and evaluation) including issues relating to fixed interest and international equity investment. A continuation of the material introduced in FINANCE 261.
Prerequisite: FINANCE 261 and MATHS 208 or 250
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