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COMLAW 101 Law in a Business Environment (15 Points)

Decision makers in commerce and industry require an understanding of legal structures, concepts and obligations. Provides an introduction to the New Zealand legal system and the legal environment in which businesses operate, and also introduces legal concepts of property and the law of obligations, including detailed study of various forms of legal liability relevant to business.
Restriction: COMLAW 191
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COMLAW 201 Commercial Contracts (15 Points)

Every business transaction involves a contract. Commercial Contracts examines the general principles of the law of contract including the process of formation of a contract, the interpretation of contractual terms and the various obstacles which may impede the enforceability of a bargain. Introduces the special features of contracts in digitally networked environments and issues relating to breach of contract and consumer protection.
Prerequisite: COMLAW 101 or 191
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COMLAW 203 Company Law (15 Points)

Companies are by far the most used vehicle for doing business and an understanding of the rules that govern them is essential for everyone involved in commerce and industry. Examines the nature of a company, incorporation and share capital, the concept of separate legal personality, how a company interacts with the world and the roles of the stakeholders in a company including directors and shareholders. A sound understanding will help decision makers to take the advantages of corporate structure while avoiding pitfalls and legal liability.
Prerequisite: COMLAW 101 or 191
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COMLAW 209 Special Topic (15 Points)

A description is not available for this course.
Prerequisite: COMLAW 101 or 191

COMLAW 301 Taxation (15 Points)

An introduction to the Income Tax Act and the Goods and Services Tax Act, with emphasis on developing an understanding of these types of tax as relevant to taxpayers. Specific topics include the nature of income, taxation of common types of income (such as wages, shares and land), the deduction and prohibition of various types of expenses, tax accounting issues (cash or accrual basis), provisional tax, rebates, PAYE system, tax returns and an introduction to GST.
Prerequisite: COMLAW 201 or 203
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