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COMENT 703 Commercialisation of Science and Technology (15 Points)

Addresses the research-business interface, commercialisation pathways and processes and how IP based projects are evaluated and assessed as they advance through stages of development with the objective of penetrating national and international markets. Examines the product development process and different technology transfer models including licensing, partnering, spin-outs and start-ups. Introduces related issues of market and competitor research, IP valuation, risk management, and the financing of different stages in the commercialisation process.
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COMENT 704 Entrepreneurship for Science and Technology Ventures (15 Points)

Studies how entrepreneurs think and act in organising, motivating and leading high performance teams, and introducing and selling innovative science and technology-based products and services into national and international markets. Examines how entrepreneurs create and capture revenues and profits by recognising, assessing, and marketing opportunities for new products or services based on science and technology; developing new strategies and business models; validating markets; and selling into industrial enterprises and markets.
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COMENT 705 Project in Commercialisation (45 Points)

A supervised project requiring the application of knowledge and skills for the commercialisation of a creative application of science and technology. The commercialisation project will involve the identification and analysis of complex, open-ended problems and issues associated with commercialisation. A written commercialisation report will present findings and a plan for commercialisation. Projects will be sourced from universities, CRIs and science and technology based enterprises.
To complete this course students must enrol in COMENT 705 A and B
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COMENT 706 Managing Innovative Processes (15 Points)

Focuses on the core activities and practices associated with managing innovation, commercialisation and entrepreneurial processes such as, contextualisation, collaboration, knowledge sharing, new product development, innovative organisation, internationalisation, and project management.
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COMENT 708 Business Analysis for Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship (30 Points)

Develops a cross disciplinary set of competencies for research commercialisation, entrepreneurship and technology ventures by drawing upon core concepts, models and knowledge from the disciplines of Accounting/Finance, Marketing, IP and Commercial Law. Emphasis will also be placed on linkages between the disciplinary concepts and methods and how they are applied in specific situations.
To complete this course students must enrol in COMENT 708 A and B
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