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BUSMGT 701 Professional Development Module 1 (7.5 Points)

Establishes an understanding of the complexity of organisational contexts and the challenges and issues which confront managers. Provides opportunities for the development of applied communication skills and career planning strategies.
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BUSMGT 702 Professional Development Module 2 (7.5 Points)

Focuses on the individual and develops key interpersonal strategies and skills for professionals to function effectively and cooperatively in a range of business environments.
Prerequisite: BUSMGT 701
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BUSMGT 703 Professional Development Module 3 (7.5 Points)

Creates understanding of an entrepreneurial mindset and emphasises techniques for identifying and evaluating business opportunities. Engages the emerging manager in developing advanced planning and implementation skills through the use of case studies.
Prerequisite: BUSMGT 702
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BUSMGT 704 Professional Development Module 4 (7.5 Points)

Delivers a capstone experience through the critical analysis of applied scenarios, cases and simulations. The emphasis is on the development of advanced professional attributes which are essential to organisational leadership, including advanced communication and effective team engagement.
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BUSMGT 711 Managing People and Organisations (15 Points)

Focuses on the foundations of organisational behaviour and managing within the workplace. Examines the challenges that managers and leaders face in managing people and organisations.
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