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BUSINESS 101 Business and Enterprise 1 (15 Points)

Businesses compete for ideas, customers, employees and capital. Entrepreneurs and managers make choices about how to create and capture value through innovation, differentiation of products and services, and how they utilise resources and organise activities. Explores frameworks for understanding how these choices are shaped by markets, technologies, government and society. Develops entrepreneurial thinking, management skills and professional capabilities needed in business.
Restriction: MGMT 101, BUSINESS 191
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BUSINESS 102 Business and Enterprise 2 (15 Points)

Builds on BUSINESS 101 and further explores the frameworks for understanding choices by entrepreneurs and managers. Continues to develop individual entrepreneurial thinking, management skills and professional capabilities needed for business success. Positions students to undertake disciplinary specialisations, informed by an understanding of the context and cross-functional nature of business.
Prerequisite: BUSINESS 101 Restriction: MGMT 101, BUSINESS 192
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BUSINESS 151G Communication in a Multicultural Society (15 Points)

Develops communication knowledge and skills for students' careers and interpersonal and intercultural relationships in this theory-based, but practical study of communication knowledge. Offers opportunities to improve your communication knowledge, competencies and skills through the study of interpersonal and intercultural relationships, information literacy, different forms of writing, group communication processes, oral presentations and the impact of technology on communication behaviours.
Restriction: BUSINESS 291, MGMT 291
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BUSINESS 200 Understanding Business Context (15 Points)

Equips students with an appreciation of the forces and actors at work beyond the market. In order to compete in the marketplace firms need to understand their nonmarket context - culture, law, regulations, politics and the physical environment - which all affect business opportunities and strategies. In turn, businesses can influence their environment, both through deliberate nonmarket strategies and as a result of their core operations.
Prerequisite: BUSINESS 102 or MGMT 101 Restriction: MGMT 231, INTBUS 210
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BUSINESS 201 Special Topic (15 Points)

A description is not available for this course.

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