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BUSADMIN 701 Accounting and Finance (20 Points)

The interpretation of information contained in accounts prepared for use within the firm and for parties external to the firm. Understanding the sources of information contained in accounting statements. An overview of modern day capital budgeting techniques, the cost of capital, capital structures and their application to the business environment. Acceptance into this course is subject to sitting and passing a quantitative test to demonstrate competence in basic mathematics and algebra.

BUSADMIN 702 Accounting for Decision Makers (20 Points)

Financial analysis and management in decision contexts. Strategic analysis, evaluation and use of accounting information.

BUSADMIN 705 Business Law (20 Points)

Examines the legal environment of business, contract law, legal rules governing the management of businesses, directorships and partnerships, selected aspects of the Commerce Act and the Fair Trading Act.

BUSADMIN 710 Economics (20 Points)

Principles and frameworks of economic thought to inform managerial decision-making. Monetary and fiscal policy, interpretation of the economic press, and the impact of globalisation of trade are considered.

BUSADMIN 712 Leadership in Organisations (20 Points)

An exploration of leadership from personal, relational and organisational perspectives. A focus on leadership reflective practice and development of skills. Importance of contextual factors and their influence on contemporary leadership. Topics include leadership and communication processes, organisation culture, change and transition, and diversity.

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