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ACCTG 101 Accounting Information (15 Points)

Business decisions require accounting information. Covers the role of accounting information and systems to support decision making, control, and monitoring in organisations. Examines general purpose financial statements and the analysis and interpretation of accounting information. Assesses investment opportunities using capital budgeting techniques and compares and evaluates alternative funding sources.
Restriction: ACCTG 191
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ACCTG 102 Accounting Concepts (15 Points)

Basic principles and concepts of accounting that underlie the production of information for internal and external reporting. This course provides the technical platform for second year courses in financial and management accounting, finance, and accounting information systems.
Prerequisite: ACCTG 101 or 191 Restriction: ACCTG 192
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ACCTG 151G Financial Literacy (15 Points)

People who understand the basic principles of finance are likely to get much more mileage out of their money – whether spending, borrowing, saving or investing – than those who do not. Develop an understanding of how to be in control of spending and saving
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ACCTG 211 Financial Accounting (15 Points)

The study of financial accounting principles within New Zealand, to enable students to: (i) understand how they are developed and influenced
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ACCTG 221 Cost and Management Accounting (15 Points)

Budgets and standards, costing systems, cost information for decision-making and control, performance appraisal, and contemporary related issues.
Prerequisite: ACCTG 102 or 192 Restriction: ACCTG 291
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